Know what social bookmarks are and how they impact digital content

Have you ever found an article that you find very interesting, but you couldn’t read it when you wanted to? What did you do on that occasion? How did you save it?

One of the most common option is to save it in your browser’s favorites. However, that alternative is impractical, and you’ll see why.

First of all, you will not be able to access that page from another computer. Also, if you constantly save the materials to read them later, your favorites will be filled with crowded places without any organization.

So how do you avoid these difficulties? Simple: through social bookmarks. Precisely, in this article you will learn everything about them and you will understand how they can favor your Digital Marketing strategy.

Shall we start?

What are social bookmarking?
Social bookmarks or bookmarks are platforms that allow you to save, organize, share and generally manage your favorite web pages and your online files in the cloud.

This means that you can access your favorite content from any digital platform with Internet access, without the need to be on the computer where you saved them.

This tool is a kind of social content network, in which other users can have access to the web pages that you save in it.

What are social bookmarks for?
In essence, social bookmarks serve to organize your favorite content and manage it correctly, sharing information on these platforms when you determine a content as public.

In addition, you can share information among your friends when it is interesting to you.

For Content Marketing they are very useful, since they work as a content dissemination tool.

By placing your content in the public lists, they receive a greater visualization and, consequently, you achieve one of the greatest achievements within any digital strategy: the much aspired authority.

In this way you can improve the position of a content in search engines and consequently its organic traffic.

What are the characteristics of social bookmarking?
Some of the main features of social bookmarking are the following:

Through tagging it is possible to classify the links. In this way, when placing a keyword, the contents that have it appear as a result;
you can save content as personal or public. By doing it as a public it is possible to share it with other users;
you can save different types of content online: videos, articles, images, audios and many others. If the content has a link, you can organize it on social bookmarks;
They allow you to insert a button on your blog that takes you to them and they even have a WordPress plugin;
from social networks you can access content to share it;
there are free and paid social bookmarks.
What are the advantages of social bookmarking?
Social bookmarks contribute positively to marketing, web positioning and, in general, the dissemination of a brand. Here are some of the specific benefits of social bookmarking:

  1. Higher organic traffic
    By classifying content through keywords, it is much easier for users interested in the topic to access it.

For this reason it is important that you pay special attention to the labels with which you classify your material.

  1. Faster indexing
    Search engine algorithms consider the information contained in the vast majority of bookmarks to be reliable.

It is for this reason that search engine spiders are constantly updating their database based on the information found in these tools.

All this facilitates the indexing of the content that is in them.

  1. Effective link building strategy
    One of the factors that contributes to SEO and, consequently, with a good online positioning is link building.

When other domains link to yours, this contributes to the authority of your website. Even when these links are nofollow they also help improve web positioning.

  1. Greater visibility of your brand
    By placing content within a social bookmark, the possibility of it being displayed to a new audience is much higher.

In this way, your blog can lead your brand to achieve greater visibility and exposure.

Most popular social bookmarking platforms
There are some online social bookmarking platforms that can be quite useful for you. Here we leave you the best known so you can start using them.

Although you know Twitter as a social network, it is also considered one of the most valuable social bookmarks today.

By placing “I like” a content you are giving relevance to it, since it also begins to be shown to your contacts, just like when you do