High DA PR Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2021 for Google SEO

What are some of the best social bookmarking sites in 2021? Are Social Bookmarking Still Important For SEO? I am going to share a detailed guide on this and also help you create backlinks using these social bookmarking websites.

Link building cannot be limited to just guest posting. There are several ways to build backlinks gradually. I have shared a list of profiling sites, Web 2.0 authoring sites, blog comment sites, etc.

As a blogger, you can create a few backlinks daily on different platforms. This will help you increase your blog’s domain authority over time. Similarly, social bookmarking is also a good practice. Let’s find out more about that.

What are social bookmarking sites?
Social bookmarking websites are the platforms where people can share their blog content, web pages, articles, images, and videos to reach more audience. These sites are mainly used to share the content of others to promote them.

By sharing your blog post on social bookmarking sites, you will also get referral traffic to your website. These websites have a very high authority and this will also help increase the domain authority of your website.

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In this article, I will share the list of the 15 best social bookmarking sites where you can publish your blog post and increase social reach. These websites will help you generate referral traffic, improve your brand visibility, and ultimately increase the authority of your website.

Top 15 Social Bookmarking Sites of 2021

  1. Reddit
    Reddit is one of the best and most popular social bookmarking sites. This is also a very good source of blog traffic. You have to find relevant subreddits and then share your article about them. Make sure you read the terms before posting, otherwise your account may be banned. Reddit has a very high DA of 98.
  2. Scoop.it
    Sccop.it is one of my favorite content curation websites. This is a very high authority bookmarking site (DA 92) where you can easily post your articles. As a free user, you can publish up to 50 articles on this platform.
  3. Bizsugar
    Bizsugar is another good social bookmarking site from where you can get tons of traffic to your website. The DA of this website is 69. Bizsugar is not such a user-friendly platform. It may take some time to approve your posts initially.
  4. Ucyoyo
    If you were a fan of social bookmarks for fast indexing, I’m sure you will need this site. This is also a very high DA 64 website where you can bookmark your articles and news. Most social bookmarking submissions are sent to this platform.
  5. Pinterest
    Pinterest is one of the best platforms to drive significant traffic to your website. Is Pinterest a social bookmarking website? Well, the answer may not be a straightforward yes or no, but Pinterest is a photo-sharing website where you can link to your articles. In fact, Pinterest works like a search engine, where a title and description better optimized for keywords works perfectly.
  6. Glass
    Tumbler is a popular Web 2.0 website where you can also create your Web 2.0 blog. Not only that, you can directly link your blog posts to post to Tumbler automatically using tools like Dlvr.it. This platform has the maximum domain authority of 100.
  7. GetPocket
    Get pocket is a great social bookmarking platform. You can easily sign up with them and then add your Google Chrome extension. With that, you can quickly bookmark any item you want in just a few seconds. This platform has DA 92 and PA 74.
  8. Digg.com
    Digg is one of the best social bookmarking sites out there for a long time. This website has a DA 94. It is quite easy to submit your articles on Digg. Try to be regular so that your website gets relevant traffic and gains authority over time.
  9. Slashdot
    Slashdot runs user-submitted news (with the appropriate links) on Linux, computer hardware, devices, games, cloud, mobile devices, storage, security, management, book reviews, and more. See the shipping guidelines for more details.
  10. MySpace.com
    MySpace is another high DA 95 social bookmarking website to showcase your content. Sign up with your email address and then gradually start sharing your articles in relevant categories.
  11. Folkd.com
    This is another very popular social bookmarking site with 84 DA and 3,228 Alexa ranking. You can register for free and then start submitting your articles. Make sure not to overdo it, change the title and description by providing some similar keywords.
  12. Flipboard.com
    Flipboard is another high authority content curation website with DA 89. Yes, this platform is quite interesting and allows you to flip your articles using the Google Chrome extension.
  13. We love it
    This platform is mainly for images, Gifs, videos. This website has a large number of visitors, around 45 million. You can also submit articles to this website like you do on Medium. If you can submit quality articles and images, expect an increase in your website traffic.
  14. Marked video
    This is another platform that I found great. You can bookmark your videos and articles on this website to get more referral traffic to your website.
  15. List.ly
    List-based articles perform very well in search engine rankings and are also good at attracting readers’ attention. List.ly is one of the best social bookmarking sites if you have enough list-based content on your website. Use this bookmarking website to get maximum traffic to your website.

Top 50 Social Bookmarking Sites 2021 List With High PA PA (Boost Your Website SEO)

Over 50+ List of Social Bookmarking Sites
SN. DA Pennsylvania Bookmark Sites
1 www.pinterest.com 94 95
2 www.tumblr.com 87 100
3 www.reddit.com 90 90
4 www.Plurk.com 88 69
5 www.ucyoyo.com 33 38
6 www.citeulike.org 62 61
7 www.myspace.com 95 84
8 www.scoop.it 92 74
9 www.Fark.com 74 67
10 www.bibsonomy.org 52 60
11 www.diigo.com 89 73
12 www.librarything.com 79 69
13 www.techdirt.com 80 64
14 www.instapaper.com 85 69
15 www.wire19.com 35 23
16 www.foursquare.com 93 72
17 www.google.com/bookmarks 100 80
18 www.weheartit.com 77 87
19 www.sociopost.com 39 52
20 www.getpocket.com 91 67
21 www.folkd.comrt.com 1 7
22 www.dzone.com 78 63
23 www.inbound.org 59 54
24 www.lockerdome.com 79 56
25 www.disqus.com 94 74
26 www.list.ly 66 58
27 www.twicsy.com 66 52
28 www.kirtsy.com 49 53
29 www.Dotnetkicks.com 38 53
30 www.bizsugar.com 56 59
31 www.wirefan.com 31 52
32 www.linkarena.com 42 62
33 www.quora.com 93 76
34 www.trendiee.com 35 38
35 www.slashdot.org 91 72
36 www.digg.com 92 79
37 www.aixindashi.org 35 46
38 www.blinklist.com 61 67
39 www.pearltrees.com 85 70
40 www.feedly.com 88 73
41 www.metafilter.com 78 sesenta y cinco
42 www.mendeley.com 73 sesenta y cinco
43 www.linkarena.com 42 62
44 www.boingboing.net 90 72
45 www.hubpages.com 50 56
46 www.medium.com 95 71
47 www.viesearch.com 42 54
48 www.blogmarks.net 57 58
49 www.bookmark4you.com 37 55
50 www.airpim.biz 21 38
51 www.dribbble.com 92 75
52 www.blogengage.com 45 54
53 www.flipboard.com 91 sesenta y cinco
54 www.whitelinks.com 21 48
55 www.dailyhostnews.com 40 38
56 www.linkagogo.com 47 58
57 www.activebookmarks.com 20 47
58 www.techspy.com 38 48
59 www.lymelightwebs.net 33 42
60 www.linkedin.com 97 97

How to use social bookmarking sites for SEO?
Generally, you should submit your website to these bookmarking websites in the relevant category, so that your content can attract relevant and targeted traffic. Follow this step-by-step guide to make sure you are doing things perfectly.

Step # 1: First of all, you need to visit the social bookmarking website.

Step # 2: Sign in with your email address. Make sure you have a separate email address to sign up for these websites, as you may receive a lot of notifications from them on a daily basis, which can fill your email with more unnecessary emails.

Step # 3: Many may offer paid plans, but it’s best to start with their free plans. To get started with these social bookmarking sites, the free plan is enough. For example, I am using Scoop.it platforms as free with a limit of 50 posts.

Step # 4: Make sure to confirm your email address as soon as registration is complete. As soon as you confirm your account, you will be redirected to your login page.

Step # 5: Read the terms and conditions of each platform before posting articles. For example, Reddit may ban your account if you don’t follow their guidelines. And after posting a link, you can’t do the same thing again right away.

Conclusion: Are Social Bookmarking Sites Still Effective in 2021?
What is the impact of social bookmarking on SEO? Frankly speaking, it’s huge.

But you should make it easy by bookmarking your website on these platforms. Social bookmarking works best if you do it regularly, slowly, and continuously. In the long run, it will increase your brand equity, improve social reach, and of course provide you with great SEO benefits.

Whether you get dofollow or nofollow, that’s not really important. But doing it correctly and regularly will surely benefit your website SEO. Have you tried any of these best social bookmarking sites in 2021? Share your thoughts and experiences by writing a simple comment below.